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Why the name Agraff's?!

Agraff's is a creative name, based on a contraction, that of Aspirations Graphiques (Graphic Aspirations). A name referring to a deep impulse for practicing graphic design and directed  towards an ideal. The name thus refers both to the history of the company and recalls the staple, an everyday object in this field.

Is Agraff's a big company?

No, all of the projects designed and presented are the fruit of my work.


What services do you offer?

As of Today, you can call me for any types of graphic design and illustration projects. I am here to meet your needs by offering the following services:

- Creation of various visuals (hand-drawn, digital illustrations, photo assemblies, etc.),

- Document layout 

- Design of visual identity elements (logos, graphic charters, etc.)

- Creation of visuals intended for branding.

Is it possible for me to obtain a, estimate?

It's entirely possible. An email, telephone, video, or physical exchange in advance is necessary so that I can correctly determine your needs. Once this is done, an estimate and work contract will be sent to you.

How long is my estimate valid?

Estimates are valid for 1 month. For more details, consult our General Conditions of Sale.

When do you start working on an order?

Once you have received the estimate and the work contract, you are to return them signed. This signature will be confirmed by a deposit which will mark your commitment and mark the start of the project. More information in the “Payment” section.

How is the service carried out?

Unless the work contract and estimate provide otherwise, the services are provided remotely. Milestones are set in order to discuss the progress of the project with the Client. These moments are key points of exchange, allowing everyone to stay informed, validate what has been done, or even request changes. For more details, consult our General Conditions of Sale.

Can I request changes while the project is ongoing?

In all established contracts, 3 modification requests are left possible to customers. They can carry them out at any of the project's milestones. Please note, beyond this number, any modification request will result in additional costs. More information in the “Prices” section.

If, during the project, another large creation is needed, is it possible for me to request one?

Contracts are not automatically renewed, and any request not included in the initial contract may be refused. Requests for new creations will likely involve drafting a new contract and estimate.

When finished, how are the  products sent to me?

Digital files are sent to you by email and material objects are sent to you via registered post. It is not possible for you to collect them directly on site.


In what formats are the fonts offered?

This varies, they generally exist in .OTF and .TTF formats. Details concerning the formats are given individually on each project's page.

Are all the fonts distributed freely?

Yes they are. These fonts, available under the Open Font License (OFL), have few characters and do not have a large number of styles.

Why are most fonts only accessible in the Latin alphabet?

This choice is above all due to the fact that even worldwide, a large number of languages are based on the Latin alphabet. It is also caused by a better personal knowledge of these glyphs.

How do I get the fonts?

The fonts offered under OFL and those on trial are accessible directly on the project pages, the others are sent to you following your purchases.

Are fonts accessible other than by download?

No, it is only possible to get the fonts by downloading them via a link specially sent to you.


How much would your services cost me?

It all depends on the service, really. Depending on the project's constraints, the amount of visuals to produce, the amount of information to integrate, the time spent on a design is not the same. In general, you should plan on average around:

- 600 euros for a logo;

- 100 euros for a simple illustration;

- 300 to 500 euros for a complex illustration.

What is the hourly rate?

​The hourly rate on which the services's price is calculated is €40/hour.

How much does additional modification cost?

The unit price for any additional series of modifications is €120.


What payment methods can I use to pay for my order?

Payments are made by bank transfer, account information is provided with the estimate and bill.

How does service payment work?

A deposit of 30% of the amount of the service must be made before it takes place. The rest of the payment is to be made at reception once the bill has been provided. Payment must be made within 30 days of receipt of said bill. Please note that certain customer requests such as additional modifications may cause additional costs, they will be added to the final bill.

Is it possible for me to have my deposit refunded after canceling my order?

Sending the deposit marks the start of the work. The deposit implies both a purchase obligation on the customer's part and an obligation of execution on my part. It is therefore possible for you to terminate the contract but your deposit will not be refunded.

Is it possible for me to get a discount for multiple purchases?

Any and all discounts on our side are provided automatically integrated into the platform. However, for large orders, you can contact me and I will see what I can do.

Intellectual property

I called on you for a creation, it was provided to me, can I use it as I wish?

No, a transfer of property rights will necessarily be signed for the use of original creations. You will be able to use it while respecting the limits imposed by the transfer.

An acquaintance needs a visual, does my contract authorize me to send them the creation that you designed for me so that they can use it too?

​You have the right to yield part or all of the rights you have received to a contractor. However, it is obligatory for you to inform me in advance and to require the contractor to respect the same transfer of rights as that which you have and of which you are guarantor. For more details, consult our General Conditions of Sale.


A missing answer? A question to ask?


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